Developers each have their favorite IDE, an experience they are familiar with. The challenge is, how to get the advanced capabilities they want with every language into every IDE simply.

Language Server Protocol (LSP)

In 2016 Microsoft introduced LSP[1] taking an important step in the way of editor agnosticism (separation of editor and language tool). This facilitates decoupling development tools from client-server architecture where the client can connect to any number of language servers [see Figure-1]. Before LSP was introduced, every dev-tool vendor provided their own solution (plugins) for syntax-checking, code completion or go-to-definition like services to each programming language…

Changing user experiences across tools and platforms is frustrating and time consuming and this applies to troubleshooting and debugging which are two important diagnostic methods where wasted time can directly impact the business.

In this blog we describe next generation debug technology using the Debug Adapter Protocol [1] for mainframe code, therefore keeping the user experience the same across languages or platforms.

Debug Adapter Protocol (DAP)

In a previous blog we described the Language Support Protocol (LSP) which brings the magic of modern editing capabilities in modern IDEs for Mainframe Languages (COBOL, HLASM, REXX and JCL). To extend the consistent…

Day to day developers deal with how to improve performance of slow operations. The challenge is, how to get the most performant result, the right concurrency model and to choose which programming language offers the best solution.


Nowadays, threads (in computing) are used in many real-world applications, like when we are doing online banking transactions, buying airline tickets, ordering food, or many others. To do multithreading correctly requires deep knowledge of all components (e.g. Java, database transactions or Mainframe CICS, and business knowledge such as banking, etc.) involved. …

Have you wished for coding assistance for SQL statements in COBOL similar to other languages like Java as part of your modern IDE? If yes, then be aware that it is part of COBOL LS[1] now. Broadcom’s COBOL Language Support extension is enhanced to support writing SQL code in COBOL programs. In this article I will demonstrate how easy it is to write SQL statements in COBOL programs using VS Code and Theia Editors.

Db2 SQL Support in COBOL Programming Language

SQL, a fourth generation language, is a standardized programming language for defining and manipulating data in a relational database…

Azat Satklichov

Senior R&D Software Engineer, Broadcom Prague

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